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Site Policies

Welcome to our do’s and dont’s, please and thank you section - also known as our Site Policies. By following the links below you will see how we protect your privacy, and how we collect, store, and share your data. You will also find ways to not share your data. 

We have our shipping policy, which lays out our fulfillment window, shipping carriers that we work with, and any other pertinent information

Up next is our return policy - we offer a 30-day return window, for certain conditions. Read our full policy for details.

And lastly, our terms of use - here we lay out our expectations for you as a site visitor and define what needs to be defined.


We are including a section of our product pages here, titled “A Note About Buying Vintage” while it is not a policy, it does provide some excellent insight into buying vintage and antique items - that stands true for the industry. 

A Note About Buying Vintage

All items listed are in vintage condition unless otherwise noted

Please pay close attention to item descriptions, descriptions of condition, and photographs when purchasing any vintage/pre-loved items. We clean and sanitize merchandise to the best of our ability while maintaining the pieces' integrity. We perform thorough and lengthy research on every item, so as to provide the most accurate descriptions and detailed photos. We aim for full disclosure, but may not notice every flaw.

Vintage goods are by their very nature subject to certain wear and tear, fading, and otherwise signs of aging.

If you would like additional photos or information about the item listed above, please send us a message from this page or email us here

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